Friday, November 10, 2006

OMG I'm gonna flunk!!!

I must say, today is probably the saddest day of my university life, probably even the saddest day of my life.

I've received my second Physics quiz marks this morning...... and...... and...... I...... I...... got......

93 marks!!!!!

Holy crap that's 7 marks worse than my first Physics quiz marks...... 7!!!!!

Why? Why? Why didn't I get 200 marks? In fact, I should get 200 marks for just being present for the quiz. I know, I know...... I can only get 100 marks maximum but I totally deserve that 200 marks for being the obvious genius. I mean, how can I not be a genius? NTU begged me to study in their university and even offered me scholarship without me applying it. Singapore government is eagerly awaiting my service in Singapore registered companies, they'll probably offer me citizenship as well when I graduate without me applying for it. Newton and Einstein even popped out of their graves and kow tow to me when I passed by.

It's the beginning of the end. My marks will subsequently drop by 7 each time I attempt a quiz. And then I will fail my exam, and I won't need to waste money to buy a return ticket to Singapore after my December holidays. OMG I've started a sentence with the word "and", I'm getting dumber by the minute!!! At this rate I'll be packing my stuffs and balik kampung by tomorrow!!! Damn damn damn!!!

I foresee myself becoming a road sweeper in the future. My children will be drug dealers and my grandchildren will probably be whores and giggolos. My great grandchildren will be superb ninjas.ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer : This entry is done as a parody to Hsueh Ming's entry. The author apologises if any party is offended by this entry. If you're still offended by this entry after the apology, feel free to bitch to me, but I will unleash my superb ninja skills on you and you'll not survive not remove this entry.

And no, I didn't even pass by the graves of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. They might pop out of their graves when I pass by, but most likely they do it just to scare the shit out of me.


Chimpanzee said...

WTF?? 7 marks?? How the hell did you lose 7 marks?? Damn man.. i don't know what Singapore is going to do with that scholarship when they find out you lost 7 FREAKING MARKS!!

Dee said...

They'll probably send assassins to get rid of me. OMG!!!

Hsueh Ming said...


That is all XD

Dee said...

Hehe. Don't worry about your slight drop so much, I'm sure you'll be fine at the end of the day. =)

Hsueh Ming said...

haha, thanks. But my essay due tomorrow is on a topic I don't knwo much about, so wouldn't count on that =P

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